PLUS... unlimited live market sessions with Anna and David where you learn in real time with two seasoned traders

These live market sessions reinforce and develop the concepts covered in the five core modules. Here you will learn how to trade forex with Anna and David under live market conditions. These sessions also give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn watching live charts

Along with... the complete suite of forex trading tools and indicators from Quantum Trading

The program includes the full package of Quantum Trading indicators, giving you all the tools you need to succeed. The tools have been designed to identify trading opportunities quickly and easily and in all timeframes, and then once in the market, to help you stay in.

And backed up... with membership to a private and exclusive group for program members only

As part of your ongoing support and development as a trader, you will have access to your own private trading group. This is a members only area run by Anna and David giving you additional access to their 40 years of trading knowledge and expertise

You may feel that you only need part of the program... and that's great. We've created it in a modular format, so you can purchase just those modules which are of interest to you. This also applies to the trading indicators, so you have complete freedom over choosing which parts of the program and which trading indicators are right for you. Here are the options for you to get started:

Take control and choose the best option for you, and create your own program to forex trading mastery

Option 1

Every trader is different and every trading style unique. What we have created here is a modular approach to suite all styles and approaches.

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That's why we give you the option to begin with a single module from the complete program. You may already be an experienced trader and simply want to brush on one aspect or another. One module may be all you feel you need.

Alternatively you may be new to the world of forex trading, and never have come across myself or David before. That's fine. Try us out in this low risk way with a small commitment of both time and money.

Each of the modules is self directed and in both video and PDF format, so you learn at your own pace, and everything is taught from first principles. So
you will be learning from the ground up and building your trading knowledge on solid foundations.

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Option 2

If you enjoyed your first module with us, then why not consider a second, to complement and expand your knowledge further. There is no time limit and no rush, so you can do this at any time now or in the future.

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Perhaps you have spent some time putting into practice the knowledge and skills of your first module, and now feel it is time to add another.

Each module is video based and supported with PDF workbooks, so you learn at your own pace, and of course, you can go back and revisit the course content at any time to refresh your memory on the main points, or to check your understanding of the topics covered.

All the modules are based on first principles and entirely free standing in their own right.

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Option 3

Having invested in one or two modules from the program, now you might consider one or more of the trading indicators from Quantum Trading.

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As you will have already seen, all the modules teach forex trading from first principles, from the technical, to the fundamental, the relational and the psychological, and of course, the mechanics of trading which is so important. Trading software and indicators are designed to complement, not to replace knowledge.

Understanding how and why the markets behave in the way they do is key. This is why we teach everything from first principles. That's the starting point.

Trading indicators then simply make the job of analysing data faster. They deliver complex data quickly easily and in an intuitive form, for us to analyse ourselves as traders, and make decisions accordingly. The trading indicators from Quantum Trading have been developed to underpin these principles, and again, you can invest in just one or several. The choice is yours.

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Option 4

As you may have already seen, the Complete Forex Trading Program can be approached on a pick and mix basis. Choose only those modules or trading indicators which suit your own trading approach.

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But of course, there is one option which is Step 4, and that's to invest in the complete program. This includes all the individual program modules, plus the full package of trading software. All at a very attractive discounted price. But there's more..

Also included in this option, are weekly live trading sessions with David and myself, where we show you how to apply all the knowledge and skills in realtime, as well as learning how to use the trading indicators.

In addition, you will also be invited to join our closed Facebook group where you will be able to get your questions answered and to meet other members of the trading group. Both David and I will be active in the group to help you get started in your own forex trading journey.

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So which one is the best for me? Check out all the details below

The Complete Forex Trading Program

The Complete Forex Trading Program includes all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed as a forex trader.

First this includes all of the five modules along with their associated ebooks.

Second, this includes the full package of trading indicators from Quantum Trading, for either the MT4 platform or for Ninjatrader. You can see all the indicators which are included in the packages by clicking on the following link:

Your Quantum Trading Tools

Third comes the live market sessions with Anna and David who are the founders and creators of this program.

These live sessions will include market time with Anna and David, question and answers and also tutorials. They will also be recorded and available if you are unable to attend, and you will be able to access these in your private members area. The program gives you lifetime access to these live market sessions for as long as you wish, and across the timezones. They will also be run on different platforms, but focused on explaining live market price action and trading opportunities. These will be supported by live tutorial Q & A sessions, which again will be recorded in case you are unable to attend.

Finally, this also includes membership of a private chat room called Traderchatter, where we encourage you to interact with your fellow traders. This will be closely managed by Anna and David, and is the place for any comments and questions you may have which will then be answered for you.

Regular price for METATRADER 4 $3544: Special Introductory price $1391

Regular price for NINJATRADER $3687: Special Introductory price $1694

Psychology of Trading Module

If there is one certainty in trading it is this. The market will ‘mess with your mind’, and mess with your mind in ways you would not have even thought possible. In a nutshell this is what this module and the associated workbooks are all about. First to help you to understand why. In helping you to understand how and why you behave in the way you do, this then leads to the second part, which is in finding solutions and coping mechanisms. Part of the coping lies in the understanding, as with self knowledge comes self awareness.

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This ability to step outside ourselves, and to look from the outside in, is the first stage in developing what I like to call, a trading persona. Each of us is different. Each of us is unique. Each one of us has to find the approach that suits us. This is the goal. To find our own trading template which then fits comfortably with our trading persona, and in doing so, gives us the greatest opportunity to achieve success.

This module includes six videos, six video podcasts and eight ebooks, and also includes the opportunity to take a detailed personality assessment which will provide you with an understanding of your personality traits and characteristics. The eight books cover an introduction to the psychology of trading, the principles of risk and uncertainty, prospect theory explained followed by an introduction to behavioural finance. Then comes all about you and trait theory, followed by managing the pressure of trading. The final three in the series then explain there are no secrets in trading, and developing your trading persona.

By the end of the module, you will have a detailed understanding of who you are, why you think and behave in the way you do, and most importantly how to tailor your trading approach to best match these characteristics and traits.Your trading approach will then be in tune with your traits and beliefs, and make trading a more comfortable,enjoyable and profitable journey as a result.

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Fundamental Analysis Module

You do not need to be an economist to understand the world of fundamental analysis. But you will need to understand each release, its importance, and what it actually means in terms of any impact on the currency, and how the central bank is likely to view this data in the context of developing future monetary policy for the country. All central banks are tasked with developing a stable economy with steady growth, and to manage inflation to ensure it grows steadily to stimulate the economy. All of this is done using the blunt instrument of interest rates, and in the last few years increasingly with bond buying programs of various types. Now we are starting to see negative interest rates on the horizon as the central banks around the world continue to move into uncharted waters.

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The world of fundamental analysis has changed dramatically over the last ten years, and as traders we have to adapt and change too, and in this series of videos and with the associated e book, we help you to understand every aspect of this exciting new world.

The module includes twenty one videos, twenty one video podcasts and one ebook. The ebook contains several worked examples of how markets reaction to the different news releases and will help you understand what to expect in the first few minutes of any release. Then the book moves on to explain examples of historic data and the importance of understanding the data trend and how a release fits within the trend. In the next section we walk through a year in the life of the FED with a detailed description of the statements and how the markets reacted as a result. Finally we consider a typical day of news events and how the markets respond to each with a commentary.

By the end of the module, you will have a deep understanding of the dynamics of global and local economic forces which drive currency flows and currency markets daily. Every major release from every major country is covered with an explanation for each release as to the likely reactions in currencies, bonds, commodities and equities. You will also understand how central banks develop their monetary policies and the tools and instruments they use, and those releases which are likely to have the most impact and why. Armed with this knowledge you will have a complete understanding of economic cycles and fundamental data, and as a result be able to understand and judge market reaction in the currency markets in all timeframes.

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Relational Analysis Module

Every decision taken by every investor, trader or speculator, in every financial market everywhere in the world is about money. Nothing else – just money. Does this sound like an obvious statement? Perhaps , but it is also the single reason most forex traders struggle as they sit fixated on one currency chart wondering why the pair has moved against them.

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Market prices are the result of the combined decision making by investors and speculators across all markets withtwo objectives in mind. Either to increase their wealth or to protect what they have. When a market participant buysa high risk asset class, they are relinquishing liquidity in return for some future gain, and prepared to take on higherrisk. On the other hand, when a market participant sells a high risk asset class, they are looking for a safe haven toprotect their gain, and will consequently buy a low risk asset class as a result. However, once risk appetite returns,then high risk assets will be bought again.

This is the cyclical process that all markets follow minute by minute and day by day, as money flows from high risk to low risk assets and back again, all driven with one thing in mind. To maximise potential returns on that money. Every asset class in every one of the financial markets has a different risk profile and as a result, market sentiment and risk appetite ebb and flow continually. It is this constant flow of money which drives the markets.Understand the money flow, and you begin to understand market behaviour in all its forms.

The module includes seventeen videos, seventeen video podcasts and one ebook. The book contains over 80 worked examples of the relational aspects of market behaviour in action, annotated and explained with a detailed commentary. Finally the book also covers one of the trickier aspects in helping you to understand yield curves, and interpreting the COT report and what it reveals.

By the end of the module, you will understand precisely how the four capital markets work and the relationships that exist between them. These are the relationships which ultimately drive money flow in the constant search for higher or lower risk. These flows are constant and unrelenting and occur in all timeframes as risk on and risk off appetite drives demand, and at the centre of it all lies the forex market, which is the king pin around which the others rotate.In understanding these relationships you will then be in a position to take advantage, applying this knowledge to the currencies and currency pairs as risk sentiment ebbs and flows throughout the trading day.

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Technical Analysis Module

For many traders and investors, price and the price chart itself are the beginning and the end of technical analysis,and this perhaps best describes those traders who classify themselves as price action traders. All they consider is the price and nothing else. However, for myself, and many others, this approach completely ignores the extension of price to its logical association with volume, which together then reveals the truth behind the raw data of price.The explanation generally given is that technical analysis is based on the underlying philosophy that all market sentiment is contained within a simple price chart. That a price chart encapsulates the views of every market participant at a given point in time. Moreover, that technical analysis is simply price analysis, and that traders can forecast the future direction of price by analysing and studying where it has been in the past.

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Whilst this is undoubtedly true, what it fails to account for is the market manipulation which occurs in all markets and all timeframes. And in order to see inside the market, and what the insiders and market makers are doing, we have one tool at our disposal which reveals their activity instantly, and that tool is volume. Volume is the catalyst which when combined with price, provides the foundation stone which is volume price analysis. And if you think this is anew approach, think again. This method was first developed by the founding father of technical analysis, Charles Dow, more than a century ago, and then further developed by one of the greatest traders of all time, Richard Wyckoff. Iconic traders such as Jesse Livermore and Richard Ney used the same approach, and all had one thing in common. All used the ticker tape, reading the prices and associated volumes to interpret and forecast future direction through the prism of volume and price.

The module includes twenty three videos, twenty three video podcasts and one ebook with 200 worked and annotated examples. These cover a variety of markets, instruments and timeframes, but all with the single goal of helping to explain the principles of VPA using detailed examples. Whether you propose to trade short, medium or longer term, or indeed to apply the principles of volume price analysis for investments, it is all here, with an array of examples from every timeframe imaginable.

By the end of the module, you will have developed a deep knowledge of price action and volume, allowing you to forensically deconstruct a price chart, interpret congestion, trends and reversals as they develop in real time, and so employ appropriate trading tactics to take advantage of each phase. And most powerfully of all, you will have learned how to interpret price action using volume, which reveals every step of insider market manipulation as it happens in real time, allowing you to buy when they buy, sell when they sell, and stay out when they are not participating.

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Mechanics of Trading Module

One of my favourite words in the English language is one which is manufactured, a made up word which was in the title of a book. That word is simplexity and as you might expect is a combination of two words. Simple and complex.And it is this word which I believe best sums up the curious and fascinating world of foreign exchange.

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On the one hand it appears delightfully simple and indeed this is the message portrayed by virtually every site which exhorts you to take up trading in the forex market. The words simple, easy, fast, quick and rich will appear somewhere in the text, but this simplicity ends once you have opened your account. Up to this point, simple, quick and easy would certainly apply. Yes it is very simple to start with only a credit card required. Yes it is quick and easy to be up and running fast.

But this is where the simplicity ends and the complexity starts, a fact that passes many traders by, who have been seduced into thinking this market will deliver huge profits with little effort. This is the world of fantasy and dreams.The reality of life is very different. Yes this market can deliver and deliver in spades, but only if you are prepared to put in the time and effort to understand it. Indeed I am reminded of one of Richard Wyckoffs three laws which I cover in detail in the technical analysis module, and in particular the third law which he called effort vs result. And to quote from his own course ‘ if there is an effort, the result must be in proportion to this effort. This short statement from one of the iconic traders of the past perhaps best sums up the mindset and mentality when we consider entering the world of forex trading. If you are prepared to put in the effort to understand and learn the complexities of this market then the results will follow. If you are not, then you are likely to struggle and trading will be a painful journey.

The module includes twenty four videos, twenty four podcasts and one ebook. The ebook has over 50 examples of stop loss positioning and management, annotated and described and taken from live examples, followed by some detailed worked examples on position sizing.

By the end of this module you will have an all encompassing understanding of how the forex market truly works,and why it is far from the simple market, often portrayed. To succeed you have to understand all the forces which drive this market, from levels and flow to risk and sentiment. In this module we also explain all the aspects of risk and money management, and how to give yourself the best opportunity for long term success. Trading forex is complicated not complex, and here we unravel all its mysteries based on years of trading experience, coupled with the raw trading do’s and don’ts to get you started on the right path to success. It’s all here in this module, from demystifying the forex world, to developing your trading plan, the maths of trading, and beyond. We start with explaining currency flows, then move to the myth of the 24 hour market followed by several videos on the maths of trading coupled with risk. Then we move on to consider leverage, order types and the ways to use them, stop loss positioning and management, platforms, feeds and choosing your tools and indicators to build your trading house.In the final section of ten videos we cover tactics, timing and your trading plan.

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Why choose this program?

It is entirely modular. Your choose the those elements which you feel best suit you as a trader. Choose one module, or several. Complement this with one to two trading indicators. Alternatively invest in the complete program. The choice is yours and you pick and mix all the elements to suit you.

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More importantly the course is based on first principles and delivered from traders with over forty years experience between them. The knowledge and experience is based on lessons learned from trading real money in all markets, and not from a theoretical perspective. This is what makes the program unique and powerful. You are learning from two full time traders, and their distilled knowledge which will help you avoid many of the painful lessons which seem to be a right of passage for so many traders.

The knowledge and skills can be applied to any timeframe and any approach and are also platform independent. Whether you ultimately trade the faster timeframes or a slower swing or trend trading approach, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to approach the market with confidence and with a complete and profound understanding of how the forex market truly works.

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What will this program do for me?

In short, it will give you one thing. Confidence. Confidence to take a position in the market, confidence to stay in a position through all the ups and downs of a trend development, and lastly, confidence to develop an approach to the market which suits you and your personality traits. From confidence comes success as you are then trading on logic and common sense and not on emotion. Once you understand how the markets work, their complex relationships, the ebb and flow of sentiment and how this is reflected in global economics, the pieces of the jigsaw then fall into place.

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Far too many traders struggle ultimately fail, not because they do not understand the business of trading, but because they do not understand who they are and what is therefore the best approach... for them. Trading is a very personal business and in the psychology module you will learn how to discover who you are and develop your trading persona and style to match. An ill fitting show will always be painful and uncomfortable. Here you will discover how to develop your hand made shoes, which lead to confidence in your trading approach.

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How does the program work?

The program has been created and delivered using different media formats and in different ways. We are all different and all learn in different ways and we have therefore tried to accommodate this in the delivery of the modules and content.

Each module is composed of three primary parts.

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The first is a series of videos of animated slides covering the topic in detail. Second, and introducing each video is a podcast with myself or David explaining the main takeaway points in the video and expanding further on the topic in audio format. These are generally ten to fifteen minutes in length and we also provide the text of these in PDF format, so if you prefer to read, rather than listen, we give you this option. Third and last, every module is then supported by one or several PDF workbooks, which contain illustrated examples or text explaining and expanding further on the module content. The psychology module has eight of these ebooks, whilst all the other modules have one each, with the technical analysis module containing over 200 worked examples in volume and price.

For customers who invest in the complete program, live market sessions will be delivered using Go To Webinar, and based on one of two platforms, either MetaTrader4 or NinjaTrader. These will be on a weekly basis and at different times to suit customers around the world, but also recorded and available as part of the library associated with the complete module. Q & A tutorials will also be recorded and available for complete program customers. There is no limit to the number of live market sessions customers of the complete program can attend - attendance is unlimited.

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How can I use this program?

The choice is yours which is why we have created both elements as free standing. The education program is modular so you can choose those elements which are relevant to your own trading approach and apply them accordingly. Equally, the same applies with the trading indicators themselves. If you are already trading, and more experienced, then simply choose those elements of the educational program or those indicators which you feel are most appropriate. And just as important, the lessons taught and the tools can be applied to any timeframe and to any market. So even if you ultimately decide to apply the lessons learned to other markets and instruments, the knowledge and skills you learn here, will never be wasted. As the saying goes, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. This is what this program is all about.

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This is why everything in the course is taught from first principles, from price action, to the application of volume, to relational aspects and understanding fundamental news, as well as developing your own trading persona. This then provides a comprehensive platform on which to build your own unique trading approach. As always, there is no right or wrong way to trade. Just the way that suits you, your personality and the time you have available. And if you are already trading using some of the free standard indicators widely available, then that's fine and indeed we cover these in the course itself. There is nothing wrong with using free trading indicators, which can then be applied to an underlying methodology such as volume price analysis which we teach in the program. This is one of the many beauties of this approach. From the solid foundation of this approach, you can then apply any other approach, whether using free or proprietary indicators, or perhaps applying an approach such as using Fibonacci or Elliot Wave. You decide. It's your trading approach that matters, not ours. As an existing trader,what you will have are the skills and knowledge to better understand and develop your trading style. As a new or novice trader, you will have all you need to build your own trading strategies and approach built on sound knowledge and years of trading expertise.

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Meet the teachers

David & Anna Coulling have been involved in the financial markets for almost 20 years, both as traders and investors and are the founders and owners of Quantum Trading.

Their trading careers started in the futures market back in the early days before the internet, when placing an order meant calling the broker who in turn spoke to the floor of the exchange to execute and fill orders. A stressful exercise made worse by the general unreliability of the technology of the day.

Since then as a trading couple, they have traded virtually every market and instrument and now focus their speculative trading on forex, commodities, and indices, with equities primarily for longer term investment.

As independent traders they were fortunate to have started their journey, with understanding and then leveraging the power of the volume price relationship to determine market direction. This approach has provided the foundation stone of their trading approach which is then complemented with an array of trading tools and indicators.