Anna Coulling

Professional forex trader and co-founder of Quantum Trading

David Coulling

Professional forex trader and co-founder of Quantum Trading

Hello and welcome to Quantum Trading Education!

And the first thing you may have already noticed, is that David and I are married, and have been for many years. In the trading world we are perhaps unique, as there are few if any full time trading couples, and fewer still who have survived in this business for over twenty years.

And just to put this into context for you. David and I started our own trading careers well before the advent of the internet or online trading. In those days all orders were placed physically over the phone, with the order then executed on the floor of the exchange before being filled and reported back via the broker to you as the client. As you can appreciate, this will took time, and for trading fast markets or scalping, life was stressful. Indeed when we first began, our data feed was delivered via satellite which was unreliable to say the least, and on days with heavy cloud, was often interrupted for several minutes adding further stress to an already tough business.

If you have come across my name before, perhaps through my books on Amazon, then you will already be familiar with our route into trading, which was unusual to say the least. I won't bore you will all the details here, but the first instruments we traded were in fact FTSE100 futures contracts. At the time these contracts were £10 per point, and executed through the LIFFE exchange in central London which has long since closed. Given the technology, you can imagine the stress and this was a steep learning curve for both David and myself in the early days.

But one thing which has remained constant throughout our trading lives, has been a belief in volume and its relationship to price, which we have since developed into the methodology of volume price analysis. Even though we started trading in the futures market, we have since traded virtually every other instrument and market over the intervening twenty years, both as investors and speculators. From an investment perspective, it is the primary tool we used to enter the market when everyone else has been selling, buying when the market makers are buying and selling when they sell - the opposite of what most traders do. This allows us to invest with confidence when the noise of bearish sentiment is at its peak - an impossible task without a deep understanding of the markets work and the importance of volume. The beauty, elegance and power of this approach is inescapable. It can be applied to any market and in any timeframe, and once learned is like riding a bicycle - once learned from first principles you will never ever forget how to apply it, and all you need is a chart with price and volume. It is the foundation of our trading approach, and one which both David and I instantly embraced as soon as we discovered it all those years ago.

Here we want to share this with you, to share our combined trading experience, and to help you as you begin your own trading journey. Everything you learn here is based on experience - some of it hard, and yes we have had some painful lessons to learn over the years. In learning with us, you will be learning from two people who have a deep love of trading, and one we continue to enjoy today. But even for us, we never stop learning, and remember dear Irving Khan who was still trading and investing at 109. Sadly he passed away in 2015, but is proof if any were needed, that age is no obstacle for achieving success. You can start trading at any age, young or old. All you need is an open mind and the desire to embrace new ideas and to never stop learning.

Over the years both David and I have been humbled by the number of traders who have been in touch to say how much our teaching and education has helped them to succeed after struggling for many years, and this perhaps is our greatest pleasure. Yes we enjoy trading, and yes we enjoy making money, but seeing others succeed is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

We hope you will join us, and give us the opportunity to pass on our knowledge, experience and lessons learned, so that you can achieve your own dreams and trading success in the fullness of time. I do hope so - with best wishes from us both

- Anna & David Coulling