The Complete Forex Trading Program

In developing The Complete Forex Trading Program, David and I gave a great deal of thought to both the media and format for content delivery, but also the overall structure in order to provide the maximum flexibility for our students from around the world. What we have tried to create therefore is a program that delivers for everyone, wherever you may be in the world, whatever your work life commitments may be, and at whatever point you decide to join the program. This has been our overriding goal throughout. To create a program which is easy to access, one where you can learn at your own pace, and one which you can join at any time.

And the important point to remember here is that once you have purchased the program, this gives you lifetime membership, so you have access to all the learning materials, a lifetime licence for all the trading software tools and indicators, along wth lifetime access to the private chat room hosted by Anna and David.

The program is supported by webinars which are once again hosted by Anna and David and recorded in the webinar library so you can watch these at a time that suits you.

Anna Coulling

Professional forex trader and co-founder of Quantum Trading

David Coulling

Professional forex trader and co-founder of Quantum Trading

These are the THREE core elements of The Complete Forex Trading Program 

Five Online Modules

The program is composed of 240 videos and video podcasts, and supported with 13 associated ebooks.

  1. The Psychology of Trading Module - 12 videos and video podcasts, with 8 ebooks to help you understand all you need to know about the psychology of trading. Here you will discover who you really are and why. Then match your personality traits and facets to discover the optimal trading approach for your trading success.
  2. The Fundamental Analysis Module - 63 videos and video podcasts, with 2 associated ebooks.You do not need to be an economist to understand the fundamental news and economic cycles. This module explains all you need to know simply and clearly and for all the major countries.
  3. The Relational Analysis Module - 55 videos and video podcasts, with 1 associated ebook. Markets do not operate in a vacuum. All are connected through the prism of risk and money flow. In this module you will learn how these relationships are revealed in every timeframe.
  4. The Technical Analysis Module - 57 videos and video podcasts, with 1 associated ebook of worked examples in volume price analysis. A forensic study of price and volume leading to the powerful application of volume price analysis, across all markets and timeframes.
  5. Mechanics of Trading Module - 53 videos and video podcasts, with 1 associated ebook. Here you will learn all about currency flows, risk and money management, tactics, timing and developing your trading plan.

Quantum Trading Indicators - full package

Second comes the the Quantum Trading tools and indicators which are available for MT4, MT5 or NinjaTrader. These are the indicators used in all the live webinars and form part of the education program. Times and dates for forthcoming webinars are posted in the calendar ahead of the event and you will also receive details by email in order to register for these webinars.

Please note, all events will be recorded and uploaded into the members area, so if you are unable to attend, you will be able to catch up with the recording later. During the course of the year, other events will be added to the calendar which you will then have access to automatically as a full program member.

You can find details on all these indicators here: Quantum Trading Indicators

Private Trader Chat Room - Traderchatter

Third is the live chat room, TraderChatter, which is hosted and run by Anna and David themselves, and will give you the opportunity to talk to other traders on the program and also to ask questions or discuss trading ideas and topics.